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Gutenburg Project

Project Gutenburg is powered by volunteers.  Their goals are to digitize and archive renowned works and to improve the distribution of eBooks.  Most of the collections represent full texts of public domain eBooks. The site is dedicated to making these books as free as possible in many formats to allow as many different devices to download them.   As of March 2013, Project Gutenburg claimed over 42,000 items in its collection.


FreeBookSpot is a free eBooks links library where you can find and download free eBooks in more than 90 categories free books in almost any category.  Categories of scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books are available. All books are ready for download without registering.


Free-eBooks offers some multilingual resources of free eBooks; also offers magazines too.  This site allows for submission of your own eBook.  You can download some books without membership but to be able to have access to all resources you will need to register for a free membership.


ManyBooks has a large portion of the free eBooks from the November, 2003 Project Gutenberg. Starting in July 2004 most current Project Gutenberg eBooks are available on the site and usually within the week of release. There are also public domain and creative commons works from many other sources. A lot of literary works to browse!


GetFreeeEBooks a website offering authors a way to expose their literary works to the world to see!  Reader’s have a large choice of free eBooks to browse through. A win win for everyone!