Picture of Kaleb on March 21, 2013

This was how the app came to be:

My son was frustrated and struggling with his performance in his 6th grade classes.  He was having a hard time reading and he didn’t understand or remember what he was reading.  As usual I got the feedback from school that my son needed to be removed from regular classes and be put into special education.  Now if you have had a child or this has been you, you know too well, what it does to the self esteem of anybody and the peer pressure; it is terrible!

I was really involved with my son’s academic struggle, believe-you-me!  I was down to the school to the point where the front office secretary, jokingly, asked if they should set up a desk for me.  I wanted my son to succeed and not be dropped through the cracks of the educational system and labeled as a lazy, stupid person; he was a very intelligent boy!  I worked with the special education instructor; he was willing to meeting after he realized I just wanted to help my child.

My son was tested for his reading/learning disabilities and I learned that there was something that could be done to improve my son’s reading abilities which, in turn, would improve his learning comprehension.  I was excited and did all the research I could do to better understand it. My son has a problem seeing the text as most people do.  It is called Irlen Syndrome,  Scotopic Syndrome or Visual Stress Syndrome; there is some other names out there, it depends on what part of the world you are in. He was also diagnosed with dyslexia.

I was there when the instructor tested my son and what a marked difference it made!! He was grinning from ear to ear along with dad.  I asked if I could be tested and sure enough I had the same symptoms as my son displayed.  No wonder I was called all kinds of names by teachers and students growing up!

Do you know what made the difference? By simply changing the white background to a colored background! That was it!  The best color for my son, (as it turned out for me too), was orange. An orange colored background made all the difference in the world! The text jumped right out: vibrant and bold. The text turned from hard to read to a pleasure to read. With the improving of the reading skills came better comprehension and better grades in ALL classes!

My son’s grades, within the next grade period, went from D’s to C+, B’s, and in some classes A’s!  I was very proud of him; what a turn around!  His self esteem started to soar!  He is now married to a wonderful wife and two happy boys of his own and he is a successful and productive person.

I made a decision then and there, to try and find a way to get this amazing knowledge, yet simple technique, out to the public.  When apps started appearing for digital tablets, I knew I had found a platform to spread the knowledge! A great media to help users and especially those kids struggling to read better.  Nobody should have to go through what my son and I did.

By having the ability to change the font style, size or color, and background colors, comprehension of the material you are reading can dramatically improve as well as the speed you read. The perceptual distortion can be reduced or completely removed.

Here are some of the things this app may improve for you with the option to change the color of the background and the fonts color, style, size:

  • Improve Reading Speed
  • Raise Reading Skills rapidly
  • Improve an individual’s Comprehension
  • Reduce or correct Word and Letter Reversals
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Reduce Fatigue associated with reading
  • Lessen headaches due to eye strain
  • Soften light glare
  • Be able to read for Longer Periods of Time
  • Read from Line to Line with a smoother flow
  • Help stop text that appears to move, fall, rise, Shake, swirl, etc.
  • Being able to increase the text size makes it much easier to read for us far sighted folks!

These are just some of the symptoms that are associated with Iren Syndrome, (IS).  Irlen Syndrome is the more commonly used name for this disorder, however, Scotopic Syndrome or Visual Stress Syndrome, (VSS), and are also used.  This disorder is a neurological condition which causes the brain and/or eye to incorrectly process or interpret what the eye is seeing and can have an effect on the areas of memory and concentration; it may look like a problem with fluency or comprehension.  People with this condition will have increased difficulty reading and studying.

Irlen Syndrome is recognized throughout the world by an overwhelming group of expert opinions including the British Psychological Society, and the leading educational and cognitive Visual Stress Syndrome (VSS), psychological bodies in all industrialized countries.  These experts agree that this perceptual disorder exists and can be debilitating.